Ananda yoga team with Baba Ramdev and Haryana Chief Minister Sh Manohar Lal Khattar

A major challenge that is faced by children from economically weaker sections is that the environment at their homes is not very conducive to studies or for their overall development. This causes a lasting damage not only in their performance at schools but also in their personality development. Having realised this ASHI, Haryana took an initiative to launch Project Ananda Shiksha in 2009.

Initially 30 children who were mainly engaged in begging outside SanatanDharamMandir were admitted under this Project. Within three weeks their number had swelled to more than 200. Out of these students 20 volunteers who were keen to learn were selected for daily classes. Apart from classes dealing with their academic curricula they were provided coaching on Yoga, computers, music and arts and crafts.