The whole world is going through a turmoil. Never ever has humanity faced such a global threat whereby the survival of the human race has become endangered. And, the threat comes from the tiniest possible particle….a virus….what a blow on the face of the Man. Unthinkable. At the same time, Nature has proved Her supremacy. As humbled down is the whole humanity….as we ever should have been… always grateful for the bounties of Nature. We have learned this lesson a hard way. Life has certainly changed and we all are trying to face the consequences collectively.
Ashi Haryana, Panchkula, with the help of members and wellwishers is doing it’s best to reach out to the people. The Panchkula administration has made a very thoughtful strategy to feed the daily wagers and the like who are the worst hit. ASHI Haryana also joined hands with the administration by providing volunteers and rations. Around 300 packets of dry Rations were distributed comprising of enough provisions to last for a minimum of 10 days to each family. Also, milk packets are provided to around 25 families since the time of lockdown. Though all this less than even a spec compared to what is actually required. But we draw satisfaction that who so ever came into ASHI fold was looked after with love.
The communities that came in our contact are…
  1. Rajiv colony
  2. Indira colony
  3. Choki village
  4. Maheshpur village.
Our gratitude to all those who came forward to help the society in this hour of difficulty, especially our executive members, friends from near and far, Zomato, and above all the Panchkula administration.

VolunteersTeam COVID19 Panchkula ने आज पंचकूला प्रसासन के साथ मिलकर आशियाना बाल भवन के वाईस प्रेजिडेन्ट अरुण अग्रवाल जी की मौजूदगी मे जमैटो द्वारा प्राप्त 70 राशन की किट्स को सोशल दूरी को ध्यान में रखते हुए खडग मंगोली घग्घर पार बंजारा बस्ती के जरूरत मन्द परिवारों में बाँटा गया ! #VolunteersTeam COVID19 Panchkula #IndiaFightCorona *#FeedtheNeedy # आप सभी अपने घर पर रहे सुरक्षित रहे !🙏

VolunteersTeam COVID19 Panchkulaके द्वारा पंचकूला प्रसासन के साथ मिलकर आशियाना बाल भवन पंचकूला सैक्टर 16 के वार्डन श्रीमती कांता जी की देखरेख में, कुमारी अंजली, कुमारी सलोनी , अमित कुमार और वहां रहने वाले बच्चों ने पूरे उत्साह से जरूरतमंदों के लिए राशन के पैकेट बनाए। इनको “आनंद शिक्षा” में पढ़ रहे राजीव कालौनी, इन्दिरा कालौनी, गाँव बुढनपुर, गाँव मौली जागरां चन्डीगढ के बच्चों के अभिभावको को, 35 राशन किट, भेंट दिए गए। 🙏 #IndiaFightCorona *#FeedtheNeedy # आप सभी अपने घर पर रहे सुरक्षित रहे !🙏