Wow… Ashiana has turned 51 years old. Lots of happiness is in the air. I sat down to pen down my story around my ASHI home. I can’t express in words what my Home is for me. It gave me a home away from home! How can you express your childhood journey and what family – I mean my extended family of Ashiana – has done for you? I will try to share a few memories which impact me even today.

Namaste, Thank you, Sorry and Please – these are the words I learnt first in Ashiana. For all of you it could be just a building or an orphanage. But for us This is our life! My home!

I realised that whenever I needed guidance, support or love my elders were always with me. Lots of gratitude and respect to you all! Ashiana gave me shelter, love care and education. I still remember that whenever we felt hungry, needed stationary at night or needed guidance all Bhaiyas, Bhabhis and Sheela Mam were there to provide for us.

I never ever felt that I was alone. My elders made me independent and strong to face the world. The most precious gift I got was a family and lots of friends. My friends are more than a family. They taught me to adjust in any situation. I learnt the value of unconditional love and faith in others and oneself.

When I was shifting to Delhi for my further studies and teacher’s training Vibha Ma gave me a mantra. The Mantra was Be positive, Be strong and Be Happy always! She hasn’t ever left my hand; she supports me in  every decision as a Mother and guides me whenever I need her. It’s almost Seven years since I left Ashiana but still I am their daughter. Wherever I go I will come back to Ashiana. Today I am happy confident and working with children at Gurgaon. Thank you so much……..for everything!

(MsVidusha after her stay at Ashiana has become a teacher and is now serving in a school at Gurugram)

Ms Anjali Ghai

I became part of Ashiana in April 2002 when I was justnine years old. I remember I wasn’t quite sure about staying here because it was a new place, unfamiliar faces surroundedme and I was away from home. But with time, the people seemedfamiliar and this place became ‘my home’ –   A home, which not only provided me with the basic necessities oflife butgave me care, love and the best educational facilities which a normal child would get. There were times when I was given extra care and resources required for my study. The bond of love and care that I shared with all the bhaiyas, bhabhis, uncles and aunties is something that I will cherish my whole life. I would like to express my gratitude to so many people. During my initial days in Hansraj Public School, I struggled a lot.Khullar aunty helped me get through that period of self-doubt. She would talk to my school teachers and help me in getting necessary support. Later, when I opted for medical stream in 10+1, I had huge support from Vibha aunty and Chandermohan uncle. I remember they would check every test that I took at tuition classes and discuss in detail how I lost even one mark. When I could not get through the entrance examination for medical colleges, they were there to tell me to not give up. Maj Gen IJSDhillon who is lovingly known as ‘General uncle’ among children, helped me financially during my undergraduate and post graduate study. While I was getting everything I needed for my education, he would offer to give me a laptop or a tablet or a book or anything else that might be of some help to me. There are many more people who have been a part of my journey In Ashiana andit’s not thatonluone person helped me at one particular time. Everybody supported me and helped me simultaneously. I guess not even a thousand words would be sufficient to express my gratitude to these people. They have taught me the true meaning of unconditional love, compassion and kindness.While I am grateful to all the people associated with Ashiana but Vibha aunty will always have a special place in my life. She has taught me some of the most important lessons of life. Earlier, I used to wonder why would she want me to do one particular thing but as I look at those moments now, I understand thereason andthe lessons behind. In order to truly describe what she means to me and other children, I would like to refer to an incident from Lord Krishna’s life. When Krishna had to return to Mathura, YashodaMaand Nanda Baba were very upset. Lord Krishna assured them that no matter who his biological parents are, this world will always call me their son. Well, that’s what Vibha Aunty isand will always be for me.

I will forever be grateful to all these people and would never be able to repay them.I hopeand pray to the Almighty that maybe someday I’ll make them all proud. And most importantly, irrespectiveof where I’m located in this world,Ashiana will always be ‘my home’.

(Ms Anjali Ghai stayed in Ashiana. After completing her M Sc from Panjab University she is now pursuing her PhD through DRDO)


When somebody asks me to tell about my experience in Ashiana children home, I say that the most beautiful thing that has happened in my life is Ashiana. My experience is simply just like that of a baby with its mother. Mother is the most suitable word for Ashiana who created, nourished and gave knowledge to me. She took care of each and every member of our family – those who were staying there – and I’m very grateful to be a part of that family. Ashiana provided me with all the facilities such as playground, school and college and some learnings from various trips. Above all, the chantings and discussion of SrimadBhagvad Gita, taught by Vibha Ma were marvelous. That knowledge helps me focus in my difficult time. Now I’m an Engineer working for a small start up and getting good salary but quite satisfied with my work and life. Ashiana gave me the dream of happiness and I’m enjoying it. This experience cannot be described in words. I’m very grateful and bow my head before my mother ASHI. Ashiana is the combo of integral knowledge and blessings of Sanyasis. Once again, a humble thank you to all the members of ASHI! You all are the pillars of this lovely home. Thanks to all and I pray to the Divine Mother for ASHI as she will create many more beautiful lives in the future.


I am Sunil, 21 years old, and am pursuing Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Indo- Swiss Training Centre, Chandigarh. I am an inmate of Ashiana. I came here in 2005 when I was just seven years old. I belong to Bihar. With the grace of God, I became a part of Ashiana. All that I am today is because of Ashiana. For me, it is neither a hostel nor an NGO. It is my home where I got a family. I learned to read and write. I got totally transformed physically, mentally and socially. I’m grateful and under tremendous debt of Vibha Aunty who is always ready to support me and stand by me in all hardships of my life. She taught me Bhagvad Gita and its meanings. I have memorised some of its shlokas and I try to implement those in my life. I’m a great lover of gardening, painting and taking care of street puppies. These are some of the things which make me happy. I am grateful to all Ashiana

(Mr. Sunil is presently pursuing Advance Diploma in mechanical engineering from Indo Swiss Training Center, CSIO, Chandigarh)


I am Neelam and have done ITI diploma in Food production. I have had the opportunity to work in the cafeteria of Falcon Café and Lounge in Pallavi hotel. Whenever I look back I can see a lot of development in me. Thank you, Ashiana family! 24th April, 2007 was my first day in ASHI. I still remember my first school- Ashiana. We used to sit in our dining hall and learn English. I learnt a lot in that class. Ashiana is a home where all children automatically learn to care for each other and are always ready to help and share. Whatever I learned or I know now, it’s just because of Ashiana. Something that I learnt in Ashiana which I will never forget in my life is to always read so as to learn. I learnt many things from aunty and uncle because whenever there would be any important session, both of them used to sit with us and share their knowledge about that particular topic. They both are the backbone of ASHI family. I am thankful to all the staff of ASHI family because they were always ready to help us. They fulfilled all our needs. Thank you Anita bhabhi and Phoolchandbhaiya for making delicious food and for loving us.  A special thanks to Vibha aunty for her loving nature and always treating us as her children. She always took care of each and everyone’s needs. Whether those needs were small or big, she fulfilled our needs and dreams. I also want to thank my teachers who helped me in my studies. My first teacher was Anju Mam and she taught me till Class 5. After that, Handa sir taught me Mathematics. During my senior classes, Arya sir and Arya mam were my teachers. I really want to thank all my teachers. The most important thing I learnt here is believe in yourself.

(MsNeelam is presently pursuing a career in Food Production and Hotel Management, Chandigarh)