Success Stories


This little girl lost the warmth of her mother’s lap at 7 years of age in year 2002. Father, a watchman had no means of providing security to his own little girl. She was brought to the Ashiana home, and, gradually, in the loving and secure environs of this haven, she started dreaming big and as a keen learner she’s been and is turning out to be, was provided with ample opportunity to shape up her personality.

Today, she is a trained teacher and serving in a school of repute in Delhi.


Aditya and Priya

These twins were found on the steps of a temple by one Sadhu Baba (a Monk) in Uttarkashi, wrapped in a towel on a monsoon day. He took them in his arms as a gift of God and started tending them with the help of a local family. In year 2005 at age 11, these children became part of Ashiana Home and started their lives a new in the loving environs of this large family.

Today, Aditya is a trained Medical Laboratory Technician and working in a Diagnostic Lab in Delhi.

Priya is a trained nurse working in a hospital in Chandigarh.

There are many such success stories who are now living happy successful life.